This good gaming build? 400 dollars

Asrock 960gm/u3s3 fx am3+ 760g sata 6gb usb 3.0 micro atx amd motherboard $56
Graphics card: Saphire radeon hd 6670 1gb memory gddr5 128-bit pci-e 2.1 $85
cpu: amd fx-4100 $100
Case: cm storm enforcer $51
Psu: 600w coolmax zseries zx-600 $45
optical drive samsung dvd burner $16
monitor: asus ve228h $130

please give me tips about this build im trying to keep it at a 500 below. im not that worried about keyboard moue and os i already have an windows 7 home premium activation key but no cd ill just download the os from the website. If there are any incompat parts please tell me. give me tips on wat would be better. This is my first ever post on these forums :D feedback is appreciated
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  2. ok i suggest the following build
    intel pentium G870 or G2120
    any decent H67 or H61 mobo
    amd radeon hd7750
    corsair cx430
    this would be a better build than yours in terms of gaming performance NOT multi threaded performance
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