What RAM should I buy. Pls help

I have a Hp Pavilion DV6 6c03tx and want to upgrade my ram.

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CPU ID says i have a max bandwidth of PC3 10700

can i buy a ram with PC3 - 10600?

what ram would you recommend. my laptop can be extendable to 16gb and i already have 4gb. i want a 8gb ram.

also should i buy both slot's ram from the same brand or are different brands ok?

also how much gb ram would you recommend for running photoshop, dreamweaver and 2 other adobe programs without the computer slowing down?

thans a lot
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  1. I would go and buy a kit of 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3 at 1333MHz as I can't see any solid evidence it will support anything quicker.
  2. DDR3-1333=PC3-10600
  3. You need to have a 64 bit OS to use more than 4GB of memory. If you do, then I would use 2*8GB sticks like mi1ez said. Pro apps can use a lot of memory (my workstation has topped out at 8GB usage and I have 16GB with only one app running), so its probably best just to go with 16GB.
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