HP Slimline s3100n + MSI Radeon 5450-HD HELP!!!!

Yesterday I decided to go out and pick up this MSI Radeon 5450 from CL since my onboard GFX on the slimline started going (was displaying a blue-ish tint on my screen). I do alot of research have some friends help me and out of all the ones available out there this seemed to be best since the Slimline PSU is terrible..160W PSU. I get home I pop it in, fits perfectly I'm really excited to try this out and I boot into Windows...Card is not in device manager? I start going crazy now researching what could be wrong and it led me to a dead end. I thought it was the BIOS I did research and they only had a bios update .exe for windows vista so I couldnt update. I went into the bios and set the primary video to PCI-E. Still nothing. I was really going crazy at this point. I decided to change the Primary Video to PCI. WOW! It worked! I was really excited at this point. I go in, I install the catalyst drivers everything is great. I played Diablo 3 for a few hours just to see if it would even run and stress the card a bit. GREAT! I went to sleep woke up and turned the PC to see how blessed I am. :( No output video again and not being recognized. I then proceeded to extract the .rom file from the .exe bios update and flashed it using ASUS Award Bios Utility via DOS. That didn't change a thing. I do get video on from the onboard vga. Im not sure as to where to troubleshoot now as it was working. Any help would be great! Thanks!


Here is the PC specs
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  1. 160w psu ? I don't think that the power supply is big enough to run that card. Pretty sure you are going to need a 250w psu for that card.
  2. Even tho it was previously running?
  3. Not running now.
  4. Yeah thats true I guess I can go to a PC store see if the will test out a power supply for me
  5. Unfortunatly under the specifacations tab it doesn't list a power supply requirement. I looked at another brand that had a power supply requirement and they listed a 250w psu. Your card may have worked for a short time and then the psu couldn't handle it and it may have shorted something out but it sill seems to work and at least is booting the Pc . It would also be a good idea to ask them if that power supply will run that card. Is there any documentation on the box or inside that would tell you about the psu requirements.
  6. I managed to find this on the site:

    Radeon HD 5450 - 22A and a 300W PSU minimum

  7. While it does say that you need a 300w psu the most important info is the amps and you need 22a on the +12v rail. If you can look at the psu that you have and see what it has for amps then that will tell you whether it will work with that card and if the amps is close then that will also tell you why it worked for a short while and now is not. If you hav 18a then the card may function for a little bit but not all the time and you don't want to underpower the card. Here is an example of a replacement for what you have now.

    Athena Power AP-TFX35 350W TFX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply for many HP Slimline System Upgrades/Replacement - OEM
    $50.99 and free shipping.
  8. So now what type of Power Supply will it be? Does standard ATX fit the motherboard? I understand it wont fit the housing but I'll worry about that later.
  9. The link I posted is for the same psu type that is in your case now. If you only want a 300w then they have that as well and it goes up to 400w is the largest I have seen.
  10. The 12V Rail is only giving 12 amps
  11. That PSU has enough amps?
  12. If you get the psu that I linked then you will only have to spend $50 and it has two +12v rails with 12a on each for a total of 24a.
  13. As I call computer shops I have to ask for the right PSU type. Is it called Mini ITX?
  14. No, it's a TFX power supply and it's for a slim line computer case.
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-Bel-PC6012-PC6034-Power-Supply-/290486462869

    Here is that actual replacement PC6012 that is in the machine now.

    Notice the:

    • 250-Watt FlexATX mITX Power Supply

    If I were to shop around locally would I be asking for a FlexATX, a mITX or a TFX power supply?

    :( Sorry Im a bit confused.
  16. TFX and as I said whatever psu you go to buy make sure it has a total of 22a min on the +12v rails , wether it's one rail or two rails the total has to be 22a or more. If you look at the title of the psu that I listed it does say that it is a psu for the HP slim line Pc.
  17. Just to clarify...I wont need this? I can just order the PSU alone and it will be compatible?


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