Psu question

ok guys you helped me choose my last psu
a xfx 650 - to run my gtx 570 and my amd 965BE

question pc for the wife need advice what psu ide need

dvdr - 4 gig ddr3 1600 - amd 965BE - GTX 560 - 3 internal fans.
what psu would run this please ?
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  1. 550watt
  2. ty for your reply doesn't narrow it down
    what type ? any particular brand - rail volt ?
  3. i have this psu in a box never used would it run gtx560
    amd 965be - dvdr - 1tb hd.
  4. anyone ?
  5. Corsair builder series 600 watts will do. It will be more than enough for your system :)
  6. so this psu i have in a box never used wouldnt
    be any good ?
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