Replacing graphics card in alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Can you replace the graphics card in the alienware M17x Gaming Laptop? And if so how easily? I was thinking of getting 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660M and replacing it in a year or 2.
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  1. No you can not replace the GPU in a laptop.
  2. Actually you can replace the GPU in most alienware laptops! I believe the alienware m17x is included but you might have to use either alienware or ebay to source another GPU. My brother has a M17x r2 and always talks about the alienware forums and its members who are constantly upgrading their m17s CPU,graphics card and memory. My advice do a lot of research and find out where you might get a GPU to buy, at what price and its advantages as it usually is expensive and technically challenging but I guess its really worth it!
  3. The more you know.....
  4. Some laptops use I beleave mini PCI-E cards for the graphics and there for can be replace.
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