AAAAAAAARRRGGH! I heard GTA IV was a bad console port, but COME ON!! I have a:

i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz no OC.
GTX 570 no OC 1.2GB VRAM.
8GB of 1600MHz RAM, I could put another 4GB in right now if needed.
That's all ya' guys need, right? I've updated it and everything...

I get 35fps in GTA with max, and 45maybe with medium-high. This isn't right! I get 110-70fps IN BF3 MAXED! (768resolution) Same with BC2, Black Ops, a lot more games. IS GTA JUST A TERRIBLE PORT!!?
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  1. Quote:
    You do not get 70-110fps in BF3 maxed.

    GTA IV is a known system hog.

    Oh, I'll edit it now but I forgot, 768 resolution.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but GTA is not only poorly optimized but it also very CPU dependent, if so if you overclock that 2500K (and you should they are easy to overclock there is no point whatsoever in owning the 2500K > 2500 if you're not going to overclock) that should help your FPS in GTA.
  3. Quote:
    Here is what i did with GTA IV's graphics using ENB mods:
    You could do this too with your 570, GTA IV is a hog to a point, but it can look beautiful and be fun all at once!


    Yes yes yes, I know about ENG, but doesn't that even make your FPS even worse...?
  4. OK recon-uk, recon, would you know how to overclock my i5 with a P8Z68 PRO/GEN3 mobo?
  5. can you give the list of mods you are using on gta iv recon-uk? is that the version?

    thanks so much.

    i wan't test the game with those mods too.
  6. Thanks recon
  7. a lot of links are offline, do you still have them to upload somewhere please?
  8. thanks so much, yes i'll check temps i think my SLI 560 ti will handle at medium/high settings or something like that...
  9. Recon, does that have everything you were using?
  10. Sorry recon, but if you apply all those mods to GTA will we still be able to play online? Or just single player?
  11. Quote:

    Aww, to me that's a complete buzz kill...
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