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Hi everyone im having an issue with the gaming performance of my Computer.

I am using the hp-pavilion p644jp
My system specs are

Intel Core i5 650 3.2Ghz (Stock)
8GB Corsair Vengeance Dual channel kit (4X2) @1600Mhz Fsb
500 Gb seagate Barracuda 7200RPM
EVGA Nvidia GTX 560Ti 2GB
500 Watt PSU cooler master extreme series. (Which is not 80Plus Certified)

The problem i am having is that im not getting the desired performance in games. Like in Sleeping dogs the reviews of my graphic card says that it runs smooth on a 1080p resolution while on my system it gives me 11FPS (minimum) on 1600X1200 resolution. On extreme settings.
Some of the games give the same performance as in the reviews. But some do not.. I cant figure out the reason..
Im having a feeling that the PSU is not enough to power the components.

Kindly tell me whats wrong with my system.
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  1. The PSU could be one problem, but back down your resoloution to 1080p, or did I misunderstand your posted 1600x1200 resoloution.
  2. The resolution on which im playing is 1600X1200 not 1080p
  3. The resolution on which im playing is 1600X1200 not 1080p
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