Help me chose an SSD (Intel 330, Sammy 830, OCZ Agi 3)

Hey guys! I wont be able to answer during this day, so i will check all answeres at night, so thanks in advance.
So, i am buying an SSD, one of the above. The Intel and OCZ are almost exactly the same price and the Sammy is $50 more than those. Which one should I get? Note, buying the 128|120GB version. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Samsung 830 for reliability, do not have enough information on the Samsung 840, to new yet.
  2. I also vote the Samsung 830; the OCZ Vertex 4 is also on par performance/price wise, so this is a very good option as well.

    I would generally stay away from SandForce drives :)
  3. Got a chance to answer, i can get Vertex 4 but again, the intel is around 50$ less in price. Is it that much of a diff? And thank you!
  4. God... I can buy a Vertex and an Agility, both 4, at the same price, sammy a little more expensive and intel for very cheap from a friend. Which one is the besttttt? Help me choose, i am getting one tomorrow!
    Edit: Can get the intel 520 for a little more than sammy... Help!
  5. I would pick either intel or samsung for reliability.
    check the % of 0 or 1 eggs for the various ssd's on newegg feedback.

    From a performance point of view, you will not notice any difference. They are fast...
    Synthetic benchmarks are not typical of your user work pattern.

    If anything, buy a larger 180gb drive because a ssd can slow down as it gets filled up.
  6. Samsung 830. It's among the fastest and it's proven. Vertex 4 and Agility 4 are pretty new controllers so there is risk (I bought a 256 Vertex 4 to see how the new controller was). Intel has historically been good too but didn't the 330 series begin to use sandforce controllers? they're fast in raw speed but historically had some issues (supposedly solved now, but who knows) and there are some characteristics of that controller that I don't like (once filled, will never return to the same level of performance as new, even with a complete wipe).
  7. OCZ Vertex 4 is the fastest, but they aren't that reliable and the company is in dire straits. Of the other two, I would go with the Samsung 830.
  8. Thank you for the answeres! Think i'll buy the Sammy :)
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