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I'm researching for a new laptop. Would you say the laptop cpu versions would map out the same as the 2012 desktop cpus chart shown on Toms?
(use for teacher-office software & netflix watching)
At what point are the full version cpus used vs 'mobile' versions.
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  1. Desktop CPUs perform better than laptop CPUs as they don't need to save power or reduce heat like laptops do.
  2. Very true about desk top CPUs. But can one extrapolate that the mobile versions would be ranked similarly to each other as their desktop versions are. Or is there anything inherently different that would reshuffle the performance rankings of mobile cpus?
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    You have to be careful when doing that though. For example Desktop i5 CPUs are almost all quad cores. Laptop i5s are all dual cores with hyperthreading. All desktop i7 CPUs are either 4 or 6 core CPUs with hyperthreading. Some laptop i7s are dual core with hyperthreading, and some are quad core with hyeprthreading. Laptop CPUs are always clocked lower than their desktop counterparts to reduce power consumption and heat. You have to keep these factors in mind.
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