ALL my games but Unigine Heaven have crappy crossfire scaling

system specs are:
2 ATI Radeon hd5750s:
Phenom x3 black edition (triple core):
this mobo:
this RAM:

this has been going on for a long time now and i haven't been able to find a single solution :cry: ALL of my games get 50% or less crossfire with the exception of Unigine Heaven
unigine gets 98-100% scaling anywhere no matter what:

Trine 2:

Serious sam 3 is the only one to get good crossfire indoors:
but outdoors (which is like most of the game) is still crappy:

Sniper Elite:

Skyrim outdoors:
a lil better indoors but not enough:

Burnout Paradise:

crysis 2 (just awful):

battlefield 3 and Crysis Warhead also has less than 50% crossfire all the time too, couldn't get a screenshot though

But yeah, i didn't get screenshots of all my games, but YES i get crappy crossfire in ALL except for freaking unigine, which runs really damn well even with dx11 and crap. Crysis Warhead did run faster a couple years ago when i just got my second graphics card, but now i don't think it does anymore. WHAT HAPPENED?????!!!!
ANY and all help would be appreciated greatly, i have tried tons of stuff (google didn't work either), but i think theres an elephant of a problem i can't pinpoint. puhleeze help, thanks.
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  1. This is most likely due to your CPU bottlenecking your performance. 2.4Ghz Phenoms are not going to allow for as much performance as your GPU's allow.

    You may also need to install the latest CAP profiles. Without those, crossfire doesn't perform as well.

    Unigine heaven has almost no CPU stress, so a slow CPU doesn't show up there.
  2. maybe, but when i disable xfire on a lot of games (xept unigine) it runs faster. and cmon, im VERY sure burnout paradise isn't hard on either my cpu or gpu and i still get below 50% xfire. crysis 2 and warhead also used to have good scaling and ran well but now they don't.
  3. thanks a bunch for the quick replies. i have overclocked my cpu to the point where it boiled thermal grease and broke my motherboard so i had to get a new one. it did help performance a lil bit, but i didn't know about radeon pro back then, so i couldn't test scaling. i could try again, but are all my games (including the easy to run Burnout Paradise) Cpu intensive only in xfire or something?
  4. yeah i have a stock heatsink (it kinda sucks i know). i got a better thermal compound and that helped a lil bit though. but does unigine not care about a cpu at all and every one of my other games does?

    edit: also, could you mean that if i add more graphics power, it is slowing my games down because of the cpu?
  5. i have a damn good power supply and about 10 fans total installed in my computer that i got from different places (4 pointing at the cpu, not counting the one installed on the heatsink), but yeah ur probably right about the cpu bottleneck because my games run slow at a low resolution, aaaannd imma try overclocking even though u said not to D: (because i'm poor DDDD: and i can't afford a new cpu :cry: ) thanks a bunch for the help though man, are u sure theres no other solution that im missing?
  6. i guess the only good answer then, is moneys i don't have D: i guess i'll just have to deal with it for now, but thx for the help man
  7. ya i'm about to go off to college and get a completely new computer. i guess i'll just have to suck it up for now lol
  8. just one more quick question, would turning off graphics overdrive (my gfx cards are both overclocked) would it help?
  9. yeah i'd try anything at this point, thanks a ton man ill select one of urs as best answer or something
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