Does this power supply fit well in this new system to be built?

The power supply is:

MTEK 650W CP-004 FAN 12CM 20/24 PIN

Now, the new system specs I'm planning to build:

-Motherboard: ASUS FM1 F1A75-M


-Ram Memory: DRR3 8GB PC-1333 MARKVISION

-Hard Disk: SEAGATE 1 Terabyte. Sata3 type

I hope that power supply is ok for that system
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  1. I am not familiar with MTEK, but it looks to me from brief research, to be a cheap power supply that is best avoided.
    Stick with known good quality psu's like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, PC P&C.

    Without a discrete graphics card, your power requirements are minimal. 300w should do it. There is nothing wrong with overprovisioning a bit, since the psu will only use the power it needs. A 400-450w unit will not be any more expensive.
  2. judging by the hardware, get a seasonic m12II 520w. it is on sale at newegg for 59.99. very high quality and semi-modular too
  3. I see. But what if in a future I buy a graphics card such as the ATI RAEDON HD 6870?
  4. stronghold12 said:
    I see. But what if in a future I buy a graphics card such as the ATI RAEDON HD 6870?

    A quality 500w psu like TheBigTroll listed will be ok for a 6870.
    Or, a GTX670, for that matter.

    But, the reason you buy a llano is because of the superior integrated graphics. The cpu is not as good as intel if you will use a discrete graphics card. Perhaps you should reconsider your build strategy.

    What is your budget, and what is the primary use for this PC?
  5. the cpu inside is worse than a pentium g630just saying. it will get you through some very basic tasks though
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