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Hello everyone, I am looking for replacement video card for my brother. Here are his system specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 2.6GHz
3GB PC-5300 Memory
ATI X1900 pcie (xt i think)
160GB sata hdd
lite-on dvd burner
450 or 500 watt psu (not sure)
win 7 ultimate

anyways he was getting random freezing while gaming and error messages in windows saying something like "the display driver has stopped responding." So today I tested his video card in pc doctor and right away it failed the first vram test there was. So I am looking for a replacement card for him. Yes I know his system isn't the fastest out there but all he plays is counter strike 1.6, occasionally counter strike source and battlefield 2. Building a new system is out of the question right now. I know tom suggests the ati 6670 or nvidia gt 440 at the ~$75 range but if there is a card for less than $75 that will run the above games please let me know. He's looking to spend about $50 max.

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  1. What resolution?
  2. 1080p max, though I don't even know cs 1.6, css or bf2 can even support that res
  3. Don't see why they wouldn't. I agree with the 6670 recommendation even though it's slightly out of budget. It's just an extra $25 and it will be much better than something within your price range like a 6450. You're looking at paying an extra $25 to more than double your performance vs a $50 card.
  4. ok thanks for your responses. I'm definitely gonna recommend that he gets the 6670 then.
  5. Get this. $70 and is basically a 6670. THIS IS GDDR5. HUGE DIFFERENCE FROM GDDR3. DON'T FORGET. :D

    Happy gaming.
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