Question about the GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H

-I'm having trouble with the USB ports on this MOBO... Every time I
Plug in my WIFI internet adapter or any USB device there is a message
that states ( this product will work faster if pluged into the High Speed USB Port)? I've tried to learn about this MOBO to see if I could figure out were
the High Speed USB Port is located. I have been unsucessful. Please help me. I use WIFI and this internet is too slow.
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  1. What is the revision number of the motherboard?
  2. v .1 I think or v 1.1 the 1st one of it's kind.
  3. Look on page 3 of your manual, it tells you how to identify your motherboard!
  4. OK ... I'll give that a try. TY :)
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