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Hey guys recently ive come to feel that, specifically when considering what games like BF3 require , my PC is in need of upgrading. Im currently running with a Q6600@2.4Ghz (dont wanna OC on my cheap mobo), 9800GT 512mb, 4Gb RAM, all running off a poor quality 500W PSU. One option i was considering was buying a 1Gb GTX460 (~£120) and a good quality new PSU (~£80-£100?) that will last me until i can can afford to eventually upgrade the rest of the PC, which could be quite some time. However do you think it would be a better idea to hold out for the near future and instead save my money for investment at a later date for a whole new system in one go, which would have a superior video card.
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  1. Well, you could just get a high-end GPU that will last you 3-4 years, as well as a PSU that will last you longer than that now... If you don't mind splurging. Then when the time comes you wont need to upgrade your GPU nor PSU.

    Then in the future upgrade the rest of system. Yeah you might have a CPU bottleneck for a while, but if you understand that and plan on relieving the problem in the near future, then go for it.
  2. Well my old PSU failed quite recently, probably resulting from not knowing much about PSU brands when i brought it and so it as Raidmax. However atm im using a friends spare PSU and so i need to buy myself a new one soon. I was thinking of getting somthing in perhaps the 650W-750W range for futureproofing, any models/makes that people would suggest?

    Thanks again :)

    Edits : Budget is £80-£100
    Also, in all likelyhood i would be not be replacement my mobo/cpu until summer 2013 (at uni and its only time i have to earn money :( ), therefore do you think its still a good idea to get a high end card and put up with the bottlenecking for that long (idk how cpu bottlenecking effects performance).
  3. Thanks for the advise all, ive decided that im definately going to get somthing higher end that should last a while. However, upon some further reserach, I dont think ill go for the GTX 480 as a result of the huge heat/power requires and the fact that my case cooling is not that fantastic.

    Im leaning towards a 560ti or a 560Ti 448 (not sure if its better value to get a GTX 570 over a 448), however im also open to ATI cards such as the 7850 shown above. Budget is preferably around £170, however if theres something less thats better value for money it would be also nice :)
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