Homebuilt Gaming Rig for Friend Gone Wrong

So a good friend of mine entrusted me to build him a new gaming rig.

After piecing it together two nights ago, we fired it up and got it going. Installed w7 64 bit, updated all his drivers, everything.

Last night he was testing out BF3 on full settings when his screen went black, and everything has gone to hell.

Now when I try to boot, it immediately goes to bluescreen memory dump as soon as windows starts. I tried all of the F8 "repair" tools, I tried starting in safe mode (which it will....) and doing a system restore, I've tried everything.

Nothing seems to be working.

I was wondering if he could be running a little under-powered?

Here's the rig:

i5 3570K (no overclock)
2x4gb G. Skill Ripjaw 1600 DDR3
Gigabyte z77 1155pin mobo
Crucial M4 SSD
WD Caviar 500gb HDD

ALL running on a 650W PSU (as recommended by the forums).

Does it seem like his comp would be starving for juice?

We're going to uninstall and reinstall everything tonight and try over, but I really wish we could get past this bluescreen thing.

It loads everything just fine right before it gets to the W7 login page, then it goes into memory dump.

Thanks for any input.
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  1. Have you tried running it with just one stick of memory?
  2. Yes sir.

    First hardware thing I tried actually - Tried swapping out both sticks in the "1" slot.

    No dice.

    After using one of those "PSU" calculators on Newegg, it seems that I shouldn't have any power issues with this build. Newegg calculated its use at 501W, well below 650.

    So it looks like power isn't an issue.
  3. Look for the motherboards manual and locate and read how to clear the CMOS by moving one jumper to another. And if you MB has a BIOS reset button, tyr resetting it.
  4. Who makes the PSU? Try putting the RAM sitck 1 at a time in the other slots and see if it helps as well.
  5. See if there's an error code showing up on the Motherboard. Try running it with only the SSD, or only the HDD.
  6. Have you run memtest86 on the RAM? How bout Prime95 to test for stability?

    No I don't think this is your fault, and certainly I hope your friend realizes that anything that is mass produced has a risk of being shipped defective. We just need to narrow down the bad egg.

    Well nvm, if the computer wont even boot up.. I guess thats not going to help. I would try to swap a known good power supply into the system if you can. And swap other known good parts as need be. What brand and model PSU do you have? Theres a little bit more to determining quality than wattage.
  7. Love when people ask for help, and when they are asked a direct question, they dont answer it but push it aside as if that cant possibly be the problem. When people say they have a 650w PSU and dont list the name, usually its a garbage PSU. But that isnt always the case. So again I ask, what PSU do you have, maker, model etc. Just cause its a 650w PSU doesn tmean it puts out even close to that or that it is even a goo brand, if it is I apologize, but I asked for a reason.
  8. Whats the Brand of the PSU? I hope you got a nice one with this rig. For my understanding, must be psu, since it starts at safe mode. After checking the PSU brand, try format it.
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