Radeon HD 7770 cooling problem

I have 2 power color radeon hd 7770 cards with crossfire x enabled ( no overclocking) and my computer has frozen 3 times now because of heat. It has been hitting aorund 100-105 degrees when running darksiders and Borderlands I have standard liquid cooling and 120 mm fan.

Other specs: intel i7 970 6 core (no overclocking)

12 gb RAM G skill ripjaws

P6X58-E PRO (LGA1366) motherboar

2 terabyte hardrive
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  1. The 7770s are watercooled?

    The 7770s aren't watercooled and are sandwiched together?

    If its the later, what case do you have, as well as power supply.
  2. You have liquid cooling on the video cards? How many case fans?
  3. I have 700 watt power supply, and Im pretty sure that the 7770s are are sandwiched together
  4. What case do you have, and what motherboard do you have?
  5. asus P6X58-E PRO (LGA1366) motherboard

    and I have an NZXT source 210 gaming case
  6. Your case is the problem as it only has the one rear fan. It does look like there is a fan hole in the side panel so it would help to put one there.
  7. Ahh... do you have a intake fan on the side panal of the case? Also at least one intake in the front?

    If so the only solution available to you would be, better fans, and/or a new case.
  8. If you haven't added any fans to the case there are lots of places to add them and the more the better. There is a place for two in the front , one on the side and one on the top. So I would get two 120mm fans and one 140mm fan with the 140mm for the top.
  9. Unfortunately no, I have one rear fan doing all the work, and a small fan that I put next to the side vent to try and help
  10. Get one in the top and two in the front. Or just get a new case.... one of the two.
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    There are precut holes for fan placement in that case and there is no need to get another case just some fans which is a lot less work and cost. You could also pick up a fan controller so you can adjust the fan speeds manualy or automaticly.
  12. Not to sure about that, that case is awfully small, also it doesn't look like the front intake fans will get much real air, if any at all. Also you're suggesting he spent roughly 80 dollars.

    For that, he could get a Antec 300, with money to spare, a DF-35 for 75, or a Cooler Master Storm Scout for 80.
  13. there is a side intake on that case slap a 120mm fan on it and you will be fine also you can adjust for fan speed on your video cards so they dont peak as quick. i had to 4850's cf'ed and never had any dramas and they ran way hotter and i had a shitty case with a side intake and a heavily overclocked c2q
  14. How do I adjust the speed of the fan on the video cards?
  15. I guess it's up to the OP as to which way he wants to go and it was only a sugestion but it doesn't mean he has to go with everything. He doesn't have to get the fan controller or all those fans , he can just add a fan or two but at least he's now aware of what that case has for options and if he wants to take everything out of that case and put it in a new one then he certianly can.
  16. Don't forget to do some kinda cable management, if you already haven't. You need to keep them out of the way so air can flow through your case.
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