Yet another budget pc build.

I am building a budget gaming pc. I am poor college student so im strapped for cash always. I want the pc to be able to play any game smoothly, I do not care about the graphics. I have a video card that will hold me over for a bit until i can upgrade so recommendations on a vid card would be appreciated. I also have a 1TB HDD in a external that just needs to be taken out of its case and reformatted.
When i chose the mobo i made sure it had 6gbs and usb3. Also i chose the psu to have just enough for a vid card upgrade. I really want to keep my budget under $300.
So in short will this pc do everything i want?


total ~$260.00
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  1. What GPU do you have?
    Also get these :
    RAM: $21- GSkill Value 4GB(8GB is to much , get another 4GB kit later)

    PSU: $45- Corsair CX430(good reliable PSU, has $5 off with promo and another $20 off as MIR)

    Case: $20- Apex(Save $20 for other better upgrades. This case will do fine)

    Total(Excluding Rebates,promos): $86
    Rebates,promos: $25

    Here's an attractive CPU offer from AMD:
    CPU & Cooler :$115- AMD Phenom X4 955 OEM & CM Gemini(CPU has $10 off with promo)
    Motherboard: $67- Asrock 97US3(Get this Mobo/8GB RAM combo if you want)

    Total(Excluding Rebates, promos): $182
    Promos: $10

    Also if you could mention the GPU, I could have been able to recommend one if possible within this build.

    This is the GPU i have. Its not much but it will last until i can get an upgrade.

    Also ive been reading the differences between the processor you mentioned and the I listed and they seem to operate just about the same. But the intel is much cheaper.
  3. I suggested AMD, because,there was a great offer going, and a quad core was good enough to have done most task including gaming. I know the i3 intel chip are better in power consumption and gaming, this this way seemed cheaper.

    Now here's a revised intel build, which includes a good GPU within this budget :

    PSU: same

    Case: same

    RAM: same

    CPU: $50- Intel G530 (Cheapest dual core sandy bridge derivative)

    Motherboard: $50 - Biostar H61

    GPU: $125- MSI Radeon HD 7770 (Has $15 MIR)

    Total(Excluding Rebates, Promos): 310 USD

    Rebates, Promos: $40

    Here's a link which shows the performance of 7770 :,3135.html
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