Bloomingfield i5 vs. Ivy Bridge i3

I just had a quick question.
I have an Intel i5 M450 CPU in my laptop. I was wondering where it stands to an i3 3220 that would be in a desktop.
I was wondering because the M450 is a Bloomingfield chip and it's a mini version for laptops, and I just wanted to know if it would be better or worse than a newer i3 chip in a desktop.

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  1. The Intel Core i5 M450 is a Dual Core CPU with Hyperthreading clocked at 2.66Ghz. Knowing that, it's roughly equivalent to a Desktop-class Bloomfield i3.

    Gathering all that information together, here's a benchmark from anandtech :)
  2. i5:

    keep in mind these benchmarks can be somewhat inacurrate at times, but it gives you a general idea. there is a fair difference between bloomingfield and ivy bridge. plus the clock speed is faster in the i3.

    on a completely unrelated topic, i wish intel kept the i3/i5/i7s simple. i3 being a dual core hyperthreaded, quad core being quad core unhyperthreaded, and i7 being a quad hyperthreaded. it sounds weird giving the i3 and i5 the same amount of cores. the only difference is the turbo boost which should be on all intel CPUs.
  3. ^ +1 about simplicity :lol:

    The i5's with Hyperthreading can get quite confusing sometimes, even more so with the Dual Core i7's for Intel's Ultrabook line.
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