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I'm currently building a PC for gaming. Or well, at least trying. I've bought the following parts used:

HD 6870
Asrock 880gmh/u3s3
Phenom II X4 975
4GB DDR3 memory
Corsair CX430W

I'm going to use my old HDD and CD-drive from my current pc.

I did the "test build" from this video . I installed CPU, graphics card and RAM memory into the motherboard, hooked all the required stuff to my PSU (which I had to buy an adapter for, it only had 1 6-pin connector). Connecting it to a screen and starting it up, the screen showed what parts I had installed and stuff like that.

Now to the questions: I installed a W7 ultimate upgrade to my current rig (it had XP) about a year ago. It was the 32-bit version. However isn't my new motherboard 64-bit? Will that work?

Also, what about the windows license? Appearently the install disk has 3 installs. Will I be able to transfer W7 to my new motherboard without wasting a new install? I did some research, and I wan't to do a "clean install".

Also, what do you recommend me to do with my current HDD (which has windows installed) before connecting it to the new rig? I already got all the important personal files safe. I'd like to start fresh, my HDD is currently full of useless files (games and probably a few viruses..)
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  1. You can use the 32-bit version without issues. All they are saying with the mobo is that it supports 64-bit.

    Not sure on the # of licenses used, but my guess it, yes a fresh install will use another of the three. I think that after three you can still install, you just might have to call them to register instead of doing it over the interner.

    Nothing you need to do with your old HDD. When you go to install windows, just format it, clear all old partitions and make a new one. That will get rid of all the old stuff, creating a fresh install.
  2. As I already mentioned the install disk is an Upgrade disk. It says: "pre-existing OS License (Product Key required)". Would I be able install it on an HDD, which doesn't have Vista or XP?

    Or should I install some cheap XP on it?
  3. Oh, no you can only use the upgrade discs with a previous version. That's why they are cheaper.
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