PC Shuts Off Without Warning

Hello, I am having some issues and could use some advice.

Today while browsing the internet my monitors lost signal. I checked the video card and the fan wasn't moving so I assumed the card died. I was running a GTX460. I wasn't opposed to an upgrade so I went out and picked up a GTX560ti to replace the card. I installed the new card using the same power supply cables and whatnot as from the old card. I turn on the PC and everything appears to be working fine.

Next, I decide to do some gaming so I boot up BF3 and load up a multiplayer game. As soon as the match loads my PC completely powers off without warning. No blue screen or shut down procedures or anything. Its just completely off immediately.

If I was only experiencing the powering off situation I would probably assume it is a PSU problem, however, having the video card go out on the exact same day seems unlikely.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me out? Everything on the computer is out of warranty (Except the new vid card obviously).

Thank you all in advance.


EDIT: I should mention that this happens continuously while gaming now. Also tested during other games. It does not seem to happen during non intensive tasks like browsing the web.
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  1. First thoughts that comes to mind when your PC shuts off without warning during heavy loads;

    Two most likely reasons;

    1) Check/Clean your CPU heatsink. . . does it look like a giant mothball due to dust build up? :P

    2) It's your PSU; try a load test without the graphics card; remove your graphics card; install integrated graphics driver; run BF3 in minimum settings; see if your PC shuts off again....

  2. Bro, I've struggled with that issue for weeks,i know how frustrating and bad it is.
    There is my advice,mabye it will help.
    1)Update your BIOS-find BIOS updating tools on your motherboard's official website(OPTIONAL)
    2)Detach both VGA(graphics board) and CPU coolers off,clean them VERY SOFTLY(use a powerful fan that blows cold air and place the coolers in fornt of the fan so all the dust will come out[or use a hair dryer and set it to blow cold air]),you can also use a smooth brush(I have a very smooth painting brush and i use it to clear my PC components cause I don't paint anymore ^^)
    3)After you clear the coolers,clear the additional dust from the CPU and VGA(do it very carefully,slowly,with a very smooth brush)
    4)I recommend you de-frag your hard drives once in two moths-it will increase the speed of your PC
    5)Google the following programs : Core Temp and GPU Temp and download them-Core Temp shows you the temperature of your CPU and GPU Temp shows you the temperature of your VGA
    -The temperature of your CPU must not exceed 60-max 70 degrees Celsius
    -The temperature of your VGA must not exceed 70 degrees Celsius
    -Keep a close eye on both of this temperatures
    -Usualy some Intel and Gigabyte products have problems with overheating
    -I recommend you try first the cleaning proces-and if it fails,try updating the BIOS
    Good luck!
  3. In my case it was the fan on the heatsink. Lifted the fan off and it was completely blocked. Downloaded Core Temp and i could watch it shut off as the temp reached 80 c. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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