Radeon hd 5670 in a 300w fsp power supply?

i want to buy a sapphire hd 5670
in the website says that requires a 400w power supply
in comparison to the geforce gt 240 Uses the same watts 61
and in the nvidia website says that i minimal requeriments a 300w psu

they are a lot of people that buys the radeon hd 5670 and used in a 300w psu and the videocard works

the question here is
Do realy can try to use this graphics card on my pc
here is my system
300w power supply + 2 12 v
amd athlon 64 processor 2.21 ghz

500 gb sata hard drive 7200 rpm

2 Gb ddr sdram memory
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  1. More info on your PSU please.
    Yes, the HD 5670 can run well on 300W PSUs if they're not of poor quality.

    Check the power specs on your PSU, especially the Amps or 'A' on the +12V rail.
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