How would this $949.00 laptop work with skyrim

thats the link im wondering what settings i could play skyrim on, thanks!!

it has:

Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ i7

Processor Speed

Display Type
High-definition widescreen LED-backlit (1600 x 900)
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally)

Cache Memory
6MB on die Level 3

System Memory (RAM)

Type of Memory (RAM)

Computer Hard Drive Size

Optical Drive
Double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW

AMD Radeon HD 6490M

Video Memory
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  1. When You're determining how much FPS a Desktop/Laptop can play at you look at the CPU and the GPU. In this case it's a laptop, I'm not familiar with a Laptop GPU so I have no clue as to the benchmarks, the processors are always clocked lower (for a laptop). I don't know Laptop GPU's, as I said, so can't really give you an accurate estimation...but if I had to guess I say playable FPS at around Med/High Settings (around 40 FPS). If you're looking to game why not get a Desktop? Unless this is going to be for portability reasons, I see no reason why not to get a desktop. The whole store, BestBuy, looks like a big jip...I mean no Desktop in the selections even have a decent GPU at prices of even $1,000!

    I'd suggest you build a computer yourself and for $1,000 you could max out skyrim EASY, and BF3 with playable FPS.
  2. It could probably run mid settings
  3. no i want a laptop because i travel alot but i want to spend over $1000 and this looks seems fair
  4. Intel® Core™ i7-2675QM Processor is the full processor
  5. Well, How much do you travel?...I have never traveled and when I think traveling I think enjoying the sun and beach, not gaming, lol. If you are actually traveling a lot, job wise, then I'd say yeah sure why not buy the Laptop because you need something that's light-weight and is portable, but if you're a light traveler consider buying something instead maybe around $500. I mean why waste good money, and if you're not planning on traveling in the next couple of months or weeks then I'd suggest buying a desktop for gaming first and buying the laptop after. Of course that is if you're a light traveler. Best of luck!
  6. well lets say i travel way more then id like at many every other week and my current only computer - crappy $300 toshiba cant barely handle skyrim and i dont want a desktop because i cant be taking it around all the time
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    Do you have to travel every other week or every week? If so, go with a laptop. If not, go with my plan. But, in your current situation, I'd also suggest going with the laptop. Being that this is a Laptop, you can't do much upgrading besides the RAM...if you can do more I wouldn't know about it. But if you ever want to play with higher settings consider purchasing a desktop.
  8. yeah once i settle down more i might go with a nice custom built gaming desktop
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  10. thanks guys
  11. No Problem, any time, enjoy gaming! Best of luck!
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