GTX 680 boosting beyond 1058mhz: Is this normal?

My gtx 680 has started boosting the GPU clock to 1124 mhz up from the listed 1058mhz. I have to admit I'm not sure if this is normal. EVGA insists that it is. It only started doing this about two days ago and I've owned for three weeks. I have adjusted some things in the nvidia control panel for specific apps, but have since reset them. I also downloaded the most recent version of Precision X. Somehow Riva tuner ended up on my machine, but I deleted it also. Can anybody help? Thanks!
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  1. There isn't enough GTX 680's out there to get a feedback on what's normal and what isn't. If you have talked to the card manufactuerer and they have said that it's normal why are you not believing them? You are only getting 66mhz over the posted boost so it would seem to be a plus and not a negative , your getting extra boost and you don't have to do do anything to get it. Besides if it does something to the card then it's covered by the warranty.
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