Wore out oem fan

i have a old studio 540, and dont know alot about computers but i barely feel any air flow. i plan to deffently get a Cooler Master - 120mm CPU Cooling Fan.

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Cooler+Master+-+120mm+CPU+Cooling+Fan/2305185.p?id=1218320078359&skuId=2305185&st=cooling fans&cp=1&lp=7

but i am also thinking of getting a Cooler Master - Hyper TX3 92mm CPU Cooling Fan with Heat Sink

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Cooler+Master+-+Hyper+TX3+92mm+CPU+Cooling+Fan+with+Heat+Sink/1511053.p?id=1218265779122&skuId=1511053&st=cooling fans&cp=1&lp=1

would i be correct in assuming that the hyper tx3 is like a tiny ac unit for a pc?
and how would i know if i have whatever connection for power supply?

any suggestions would be appreciated and thank you
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  1. The connection is pretty universal, just a 4 pin header. You plug the new unit into the same place you unplug the old one. You don't need a massive cooler, since you won't be attempting any overclocking, so go with whichever one you think looks nicer aesthetically.
  2. thank you for your reply, but as i said i am definitly getting the 120mm cooling fan. where i live though summer time temperatures get into the 90s and i dont use my ac much. i was thinking maybe the hyper tx3 would help keep things cooler, however can both be hooked up in a oem studio 540? i do have a corsair gs600 power supply if that matters. p.p
  3. The hyper tx-3 should fit based on your computer case, the heat sink has a height of 139mm and your case total width is around 160mm, as for the power supply it does not matter because both fans will probably draw less than 10watts.
  4. thank you, but do oem pc namely studio 540 typically have outlets to plug in both fans? i only see 1 for the fan that is running now. do i need a splitter? can i connect them to my power supply? how do i power both? can one fan plug into the other or what? i dont know much about this.
  5. Well if your motherboard does not have any connectors you can buy a connector like this:

    By connecting the other fan to this adapter and then connecting the adapter to the molex adapter by the power supply then fan will work but you will not get RPM Readings by software use.
  6. well now i have the 120 mm cooler master. it is to big for the spot where the old one. i hope someone could give some suggustion how best to set it up. atm i still have the old one blowing out the back and the new one plugged in my power supply blowing in from the front of the case. this is a image of what i have looks like http://www.redplanettrading.com/ebay/cases/studio540/barebone/studio_smt_barebone_inside_800.jpg "not so new though =P" also have a different power supply with a fan on the bottum that pulls air out.

    thank you for your replys thus far btw (=
  7. Hmm, are you saying that you have a 120mm fan for the TX-3 or for the computer case? Either way for the TX-3 it wont fit because it requires 92mm fans, and if it does not fit on your computer its best to return the fan if you can because you computer case probably supports 92mm fans or 80mm fans. If you cannot then I guess you can mod your case but that would void your warranty since it a oem pc.

    My suggestion is to return the fan, then check to see if the Hyper TX-3's stock fan is the same size as the computer case fan slot, if it is then your computer requires a 92mm fan. If it is smaller then you need an 80mm fan and that is guaranteed since case fans don't go any smaller than that (of all the cases I know, and I know quite a lot).

    Good Luck,

    Socialfox :)
  8. i have this http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Cooler+Master+-+120mm+CPU+Cooling+Fan/2305185.p?id=1218320078359&skuId=2305185&ky=2oh0NrwOl4j1qjMx3Oy2gXfVGhMUl0WiJ&ci_src=5784816&ci_sku=2305185&ref=25&loc=PGR i would rather have more fans i think now. i plan to get a new 80mm or what ever size for the rear bt what diections do you think would best. esspecialy considering the low cfm for the rear. my old one is getting old and i dont see in my price range anything over 31 cfm with a 3 pin. my computer is ussualy on so more fans the better lol

    ps warranty already expired.
  9. Well now, the question is up to you. Are you comfortable with modding your case a bit (drilling) it may not look good if you aren't sure on how to do it. My recommendation is you buy the correct size for your computer case, that doesn't mean the 120mm fan becomes useless. You can still use it for another build or if your power supply utilizes 120mm fans when its own fan stops you can replace it given it uses the same connector.

    -Socialfox :)
  10. http://www.corsair.com/gs600w.html this is my power supply. i have been thinking the power supply is also used for over all cooling so i would like to keep the three fans i have atm i would just like to find a site of some kind that could explain the best way to set it up. i wouldnt mind cutting a hole in the side considering it seems i need better cooling. i am a bit machanicly inclined just not so noligable of cumputers. im a measure twice cut once.

    thank you for your reply
  11. Okay your power supply is excellent in terms of wattage and actually being a quality one. I just wanted to let you know that a new computer case will dramatically influence your temperatures (the more roomier the better). I myself don't like the idea of modding the case by cutting it out, but if you do have the experience then don't let me stop you (since I am terrible at modding cases that involve cutting :P). If you do have a budget I can find you a good case for a cheap price if you are willing to buy a new case. In the end of the day a new case has a bigger influence than an oem computer case with terrible airflow.
  12. what kinda $ for a decent one bigger then mine?
  13. The money is up to you my friend.

    This case here offers phenomenal performance in cooling at a good price:

    If that is too expensive then this one will suit you with good features:

  14. Your board may not fit another case you need to check the mounts are standard
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