Need help if my gpu is a dud or not getting enough power

i recently bought a recertified gt 220 and antec basiq power 350 w psu to hold me off till i get enough money to do a whole computer setup and im waiting on the new apu's to hit the market

complete set up is a dell vostro 200
intel core 2 duo e7200 65w 2.53 it's not oc as dell locked that feature out
asus gt 220
3 gbs of ram (2x1gb,2x512)
500 gb 7200 rpm hdd running win 7 32 bit
80gb 7200 rpm hdd running vista 32 bit
i have tried both these os and doing a fresh install of vista broke my win 7 disk last week so i cant do a fresh install of 7 atm
this happens on both os with drivers installed and normal boot
my problem is if i go to 290.53 and lower driver ill get a blue screen after the windows logo when booting
anything higher and it wont go any further in loading then the windows logo i get black screen then no video signal
without drivers installed and normal boot i get a signal
without drivers and boot into safe mode i get a signal
with drivers into safe mode i get a signal
after fresh install of vista it will continuesly do the same thing above except this time
with drivers 290.53 and lower still bsod and it reboots
with drivers above it will continue to reboot
and each reboot it asks if i want to restart normally or safe mode
i have resitted the gpu several times resitted the ram sevral times and booted with both 512 out and 1 gig out and did 1 stick individually and the 512 in dual channel by itself and 1 gig in dual chanel im stumped im thinking it's the gpu can anyone confirm
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  1. When you downloaded the drivers did you specify which OS you had in the drop down menu? It gives the option for Vista and Win 7 , 32 bit and 64 bit , so you do want to make sure that you have the correct drivers for your OS. What happens when you load the drivers off the install cd?
  2. in the bios did you change the video device settings under advance devices??
    the default is pci/onboard/pci-x
    you want to set it to pcix only.
  3. i swapped the ram around with new sticks and got it working turned out ram didn't agree with the graphics
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