Trying to track down hardware bug...out of ideas, need help!!


Quick was working just fine one day, moved into a new place and computer no longer POSTing.

The computer turns on, no display is being showed, and it is not going to POST as I hear no beeps. I've tested the video card, shows display on another system, pulled the memory sticks (2), tried one at a time, still no POST, pulled all mem sticks out, and still no beeps.

My bro tested my CPU and it went to POST. I've disconnected all hard drives, optical drives, no POST/display. Pulled all periphals in the mobo, no POST.

Got a new MOBO of the one I had, still same damn POST/display.

Bought a power supply tester, all lights green except for -5v, but I just read these are now optional on newer equipment.

I'm at a loss now...I have no idea where to go next to test.

Thanks for the help.

AMD Phenom II X4
850W Kingwin PSU
eVGA 460 GTX
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  1. Might be a bad PSU i had the same problem with my old PC it just lighted up the front led's on my case but not my computer i thought it was a fried MOBO but plugged in another PSU and it works just fine. Try a different PSU
  2. Ah ok, I guess I'll try a new PSU then. That's pretty much what I concluded after testing everything, even a new identical mobo and still had the same problem.

    I guess I wasn't completely convinced after using that power suppy tester and getting all green lights, then again I don't know how accurate those things are compared to using an actual multi-tester.

    Anybody else concur?
  3. Anybody have another opion? Agree, disagree?

    I just want to have a bit more backup before I go out and spend more time and money trying to figure this out lol.

  4. Ok, so get this...bought a new psu and I'm still having the same problem with no dispay/no beeps, meaning no POST.

    Only things plugged in were the video card, and two sticks of memory...

    Now I have no clue as to what the problem is...I've never had this much trouble tracking down a hardware bug before. Not getting to POST and having no dispay is driving me nuts.

    Please help!!! Lol
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