DIABLO 3: Radeon HD 7850 OC vsGeForce GTX 560 Ti

Trying to decide between the two for gaming. Will be mostly restricted to Diablo 3, but as I have never had a decent graphics card I may experiment with some other graphic-intensive games. The 7850 is 269.99 while the 560 ti is 249.99. I wont be doing any SLI/crossfire setups (at least not any time soon).

Computer setup:
750w corsair psu, ASRock z58 pro3 gen3 mobo, i2500k, cooler master gladiator 600 case

Also, dont want to have to upgrade any time soon - something that will last me!
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  1. hd 7870 because-
    it's faster
    it's newer
    runs cooler
    oveclocks better
    less power hungry
    overall better.
    will run fine with a 750w psu and 2500k.
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