Did I get a good deal?

Bought all these parts:

i5 2300
MSI h61
Kingston Hyperx 8gb
Western Digital 320GB HD
Zotac GTX 560 ti 448
Haf 912
Coolermaster 850 watt non-modular PSU SLI/80+ certified
Windows 7 OEM Home Premium

$600 Total
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  1. I summed it up as being the CPU ~ $200
    MoBo $60
    RAM $40
    GPU $240
    CASE $60
    PSU $70 (ish)
    OS: $99

    ~~ I got around $769 ~~ All in all yes, you could get a better Power Supply and the one they offered in the deal is WAY overkill. If you did already purchase it, if the Power Supply isn't already DOA I'd plan on replacing it anyways. I rounded everything up, so it's around $700 for all those parts. You're going to have to spend an extra $60 for another power supply, except this one will be a good quality Power Supply, and you'll be saving like $100. Next time buy it yourself, you know what you're buying instead asking if it's good.

    NOTE: I rounded and guessed for all parts (not saying I'm really off on the dollar signs, I'm pretty sure I'm close on the numbers). Best of luck!
  2. CPU and graphics were 180 each (graphics were a week used but also from well reviewed seller)
    CPU was NCIX openbox item and has Heatsink with it. I think the CPU though was the worst of the deals, since I need to get thermalpaste and probably the cleaner along with it - with the money spent there I could have just gotten a new one = /

    PSU might be overkill I suppose but not if I ever upgrade and/or SLI.... besides it was $50... I could get a new PSU for that much at 500 watts but I don't see a reason to downgrade (and I wouldn't be able to SLI without upgrading either.) Coolermaster seems to be pretty well reviewed in both their cases and their PSU's.

    I did by all of these individual parts myself by the way, what i'm asking was if I got a good deal in price overall.
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