Please help with case fan placement, and CPU cooler question

There are 2 questions here so feel free to answer either one:

1)With the Corsair C70 case here should I put the ? fan on one of the case panels, sucking air out, or keep it as it is.

? fan stats are 2000RPM 69.69 CFM

2)Is there enough clearance between the CPU cooler fan(Noctua NH-D14: [Airflow: 64.96 CFM (NF-P14) / 54.36 CFM (NF-P12)] ) and case exhaust fan? OR should I remove the beige fan on the left of the heatsink? (it was originally on the far right of the cooler however it wont clear my ram-- "should have bought low clearance ram" :cry:

**I do plan on switching triangle and Square marked fans as noted in the picture from first link. The ? fan does 69.69 CFM which is over what the highest CPU cooler fan does so it shouldn't bottleneck, Right?

Also, anyone know the stock CFM for the C70 case fans?

Thanks for the input
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  1. I would personally leave the fans as situated and ensure the D-14 is blowing toward the rear of the case - looks like you'll have good airflow in there.
  2. ok but switch the Triangle fan with the Square fan (in image 2) because the Green Triangle fan is an aftermarket fan that does 69.69CFM, don't think the stock case fans blow that much but I could be wrong, any info on the stock fan CFM?
  3. That would seem to me to be effective. I could find nothing on the stock case fans (other than the size) but I wouldn't think the stock fans would be that high of airflow, Corsair wouldn't want the case to be too loud.
  4. Yeah I edited the post, but I couldn't find anyting either and read a ton of reviews.

    At least the ? fan has a greater output than the highest CPU cooler fan there in the middle of the heatsinks does so it shouldn't slow anything down. :bounce:
  5. AH HA I was reading the noctua cooler manual. (Imagine that)

    and it said you can mount it 2 different ways facing Left or facing UP.

    I think I will keep the fans where they are in picture 1 and instead rotate the cooler 90 degrees so it exhausts the air towards the higher cfm fan and air holes that are prevalent in the top of the case.
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