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Hi all

So I was asked to help with a cheap build for a friend. I came up with a few ideas on components.

CPU- The first components that came to mind were obviously CPU and GPU, And I straight away thought of the i5-2400, however looking at prices (@
i noticed that the i3-2120 is about half the price. and the g530 is even cheaper. Obviously the i3 isnt a "true" quad core, but how does it stack up against the i5's?
Also, Although the preference was Intel, how well do the new AMD cpu's run. Whats a good one to use

Mobo- Then theres a suitable motherboard to go along with the CPU (I am personally having trouble with finding one, I'm leaning towards an H67 one, simply cause I won't be over clocking, and if I go into the AMD path, I'll need help choosing as I have extremely little knowledge regarding their cpu's.

There won't be any over clocking involved, and its primary use is for gaming, however at the moment, were on a tight budget.

GPU- The graphics card I was looking at was the GTX550TI, but I'm open to the GTX560 or 560TI (and maybe the 7850), the personal preference was Nvidia. There may be SLI/Crossfire options later down the road, and 2x GTX 550TI shouldn't bottleneck the i3 (I believe)

PSU- I was looking at the OCZ ZT 650w, seems like a good price and it's bronze efficiency, so why not, however I'm on a strict budget, so if theres any ideas for a cheaper PSU, please tell :)

HDD- I was given a 1tb HDD for the build, but I think an SSD (for the OS) would be pretty good, although I could just cut that and stick with the HDD, SSD can always be added later down the road right?

Case- The Antec DF-35 was a preference for my friend, I think he really likes the industrial look, I personally think it looks pretty cool, but it also seems really good with features, and its quite cheap I think, about $109.

Optical drive will probably be a cheap DVD drive, shouldn't be to expensive, $20?
I'm sure I'm missing a component, but I totally forgot.

Anyway, your guidance and opinions will be very useful, thank you :D
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  1. Don't waste money on a case, get something like the Coolermaster HAF 912 or the Antec 302 which are both $50 less.
    Also, what is your budget?
  2. Merueth said:
    Don't waste money on a case, get something like the Coolermaster HAF 912 or the Antec 302 which are both $50 less.
    Also, what is your budget?

    Could you link that visa the site?

    Were looking at about $600-$700 AUD, I don't know what that is in American, roughly the same I'm guessing.
  3. 2 x 550TI is a horrible setup - I had it and it constantly bottlenecked anything I threw at it. Go with the single strongest GPU you can afford and then add a second one later. The Radeon 6870 is a far better GPU in that price range than the 550TI is.

    The i3-2120 is an excellent CPU - I use it in my work PC and it doesn't bottleneck a bit even on heavy redraws.
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