Stuttering in Bf3

Hello,I am getting extremely alot of stuttering
It just started one day dont know why.
PC specs:
GTX 550 Ti
Pentium Dual Core 3.00Ghz
Cooler Master 650W PSU
Really frustrated have tried everything
Please help
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  1. Check for background program. You can use task manager to see it. How many program running in process tab? It should 16 after new os installation and more after install other soft and running in startup. Depends what setting are you using. Or maybe virus.
  2. Had the same thing, only on the latest drivers. Set textures on MEDIUM then install 275.33 , also if using this driver, you can try setting textures on HIGH.
    Also turn off ORIGIN in game by going to Origin's settings.
  3. Quote:
    275.33 is old...
    302.24 is great, no issues here.

    Who cares if it's old? It's a year old driver which runs sweet on all the games and doesn't take performance out on game x and game x. Also do you have a gtx 550 ti? Your sig says you got some other GPU and drivers run diff on each GPU. I did lots of tests on gtx 550 ti with various drivers, games.

    I can relate to his stuttering, older driver fixed it 4 me. That is also the driver that was used to determine the average FPS on Battlefield 3 on the gtx 550 ti side on the nvidia site.
  4. Dude, first of all you are not using a GTX 550 TI! Second of all, drivers BEHAVE differently for EACH GPU. Third, I know what STUTTERING IS! I got 120mbps internet connection, which has nothing to do with having stuttering.

    Why would the stuttering stop, also allowing me to use AA with good FPS after installing an older driver? Obvious stuttering and FPS behaving weirdly going up and down just because of the driver.

    You're talking about internet lag, which got nothing to do with stuttering

    Remains for OP to just use the driver I suggested and see if he still has the issue.
  5. Whatever man, just don't understand your point. You're using info based on another GPU and you're calling the fps dropping an internet trouble when, I never heard of the internet to cause your FPS to drop significantly for just a second then go back up and so on. Point is, I told the op what fixed it for me.

    I had ping issues on some servers on BF3 where the whole server would lag and it would cause the normal skipping which in no way affected the fps.
  6. Load MSI afterburner ...set it to show temps/gpu use/memory use.

    In game: render.drawfps 1

    Get in a large map, settings to med report FPS, then try high...Keep AA off.

    let us know outcome...
  7. I had same problem as OP, 8800GT / x4 phenom II I had to downgrade to 'low'

    Once I unlocked the phenom (960T) to an X6 I was able to upgrade back to Medium (40-50fps) stutter free.

    I believe OP, you hardware sucks too hard to run BF3 of anything but low. Ea screwed the pooch on this one, it doesn't look fantastic and scales exceptionally badly. (I hate EA)
  8. What processor is that? BF3 is very CPU-intensive.

    Please tell me that isn't a 775 Dual Core?! It may be CPU overheating.
  9. I think we're really missing the elephant in the room which is his Pentium Dual-Core CPU. That's a Core 2 Duo based budget chip. BF3 pushes the hyperthreaded Sandy Bridge i3 and the newer Pentiums really hard, so I can't imagine a Conroe-based dual core is going to fare well, especially in multiplayer mode.
  10. Quote:
    Well i be damned.
    Maybe some folk should read up every now and again what it takes to run a flippin game, instead of coming here ranting due to their ignorance.

    Rant over.

    I am running the game with Dual Core 3.3, good settings and fps. Your point? He just needs to change his GPU driver because I had the same issue as he had.
    /rant over.
  11. If only OP would actually answer if he's tried anything we all said, otherwise with that system he shouldn't have a problem running bf3 ;)
  12. OP said it started just one day, thats mean it was good before.
  13. Yes it Started one day and I have tried other drivers and still nothing
  14. Have you gone into your 'system restore' and seen what was installed on the day it crapped out?
  15. your CPU is plain old. I had E8400 @ 3.0ghz duo core and 560 TI, and I had the exactly same problem. As soon as I replaced the CPU with 2700k, it ran smooth as butter.
  16. I would have to agree with others here i tried running it on my old core 2 duo e6700 ( oc'd to 3.3 ), with 4 gb of ddr 2 ( 800mhz ), and a 8800gtx. I had horrible stutter issues even on low. i run it on 3 other computers in my house all with quadcores 3.3 and higher oldest being core 2 quad q6600 and all run flawlessly! highly suggest a mobo upgrade!
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