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I've been googling til my eyes bleed and I can't find the answer anywhere. I have an HP Envy 17 with a Radeon HD 5850 card. I just bought 3 Samsung SA350 monitors. They have VGA and HDMI inputs. It looks like I need mini display port adapter for my thrid monitor not working. But... I don't see such thing as an active Mini DP to HDMI adapter. I bought an adapter at bestbuy but when I try to use it, it knocks out the monitor using just VGA and only sees the DP and HDMI. If I get an ATI approved DP to DVI can I then get an adapter to HDMI for this to work? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. 200-300 budget? What kind of adapter are you going to suggest? As long as it works I'll make it happen
  2. Yeah, that would be great but I don't think I could squeeze that into my Laptop. lol. I failed to mention that the Envy 17 is a laptop.
  3. The envy 17 might have cost me a bunch but I got it for this reason. Anyway, I see your links. I've been over the AMD site and the only mini DP to HDMI they have is a passive one. Don't know why they even list it. There are no Active ones. Thats why I'm wondering if an Active MiniDP to DVI, then connected to a HDMI converter work?
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