Need help building a spec for a new PC

Case - Either 650D which i already have or something else, case is not the issue that I do not require assistance with.

This is what I have comeup with-
ASRock Z68 Extreme3
Intel Core i7 2600K
Corsair Vengeance 8GB
Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2 650W
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

Monitor that will be used is Asus VG236H (the 3D one that comes with the Nvidia 3D vision kit)

1.Is the price difference between the price of a GTX 560Ti and a GTX 560 really worth it?
What video card would you recommend? between Asus and EVGA only, cheapest possible.

2.As far as CPU cooler goes - even though this computer will not get overclocked or heavily gamed on (although possible gaming) I see the need of an aftermarket CPU cooler, I have looked at the CM V8 - question is - Will it allow the memory in? because I know certain coolers cant have tall memory or else they won't fit. I know theres the corsair H series but I am looking for the cheapest alternative.

3.What optical drive would you recommend that can read 3D Bluray and also write Bluray movies

Thank you!!
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  1. 1. If you will be using 3d get a better card than the 560 or 560 ti

    2. You dont need it if you want one then i would use a corsair h100

    3. optical drive doesnt matter just get a bluray player that is in your price range
  2. Budget wont allow anything better than 560/560ti, unless its possible to come up with another component that would replace what I have chosen so far making it $60 cheaper so that it will be possible to get a 570
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    Get a i5 2500k and use the money to get the 570.
  4. Would that make a huge difference? meaning am i going to notice any performance downgrading between the i5 and i7?
  5. no the i5 will not really lower performance noticably.The graphics card is more important in your scenario.
  6. alright thank you I decided to listen to your advise.. will be going with EVGA GTX 570 an i5 2500k and a Corsair TX750W power supply, although I would of loved to get that seasonic 620W but as the 570 requires 550W minimum I did not want to load the PSU too much and I know during gaming power consumption goes up. Also decided that for future preference as far as upgrading goes better get a stronger PSU.

    As far as CPU cooling goes - I will be looking at the temperature of the CPU while load if I find it being too high I will get another CPU cooler, possibly something like an H40
  7. I am glad I could help. If that is it you can choose the best answer by clicking it on the one you think is the best and we can close this thread!
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