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Hi, I'm currently living in a location away from home for 8 months in order to participate in co-op work program. I plan on making a computer when I return home, which would be in December. I have 3 options:

I can either make one now, and then ship it home when i'm done my work terms.

Buy it when I get back

Wait for Haswell/nvidia or ati's new offerings (in roughly 12 months?)

I'm planning on blowing a LOT of cash on this build (2-3 thousand), and plan to make it top of the line, as a treat for working in a remote(ish) location for 8 months. So what would be the soundest plan, in terms of value, do you think waiting for the next gen chips is worth it? I'm planning on gaming/photoshop/video rendering/CAD/multitasking on this computer on a 2560 x 1440 monitor.

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  1. ATI's new offerings are already out and they're really solid - I have the 7870 and it rocks. NVIDIA's new offerings - the 680 and 670 are also really solid.

    The thing is there's not a whole lot that's known about Haswell yet - and Intel is keeping a really tight lip on it.

    What's going to be out between now and December - it could be a totally different landscape.
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