GTX260 can't do double 1080?

I hooked up a 1080p TV to my GTX260 as a second display. It's an LG 32LE5300. But the max resolution I can select for it is 1360 x 768. Is it the card unable to output 2 1080p displays?
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  1. It can, I have done it before.

    Being as that its a TV and not a proper monitor when being used as a monitor it might not be able to do 1080p. TVs play funny as monitors sometimes.
  2. Hmmm. but what about HTPCs?? Don't they use TVs too?
  3. They do, but the connection type makes all the difference.

    If your connecting via the VGA connector, "RGB In (D-Sub 15pin) - PC" as LG calls it,
    you are going to be limited to 1366x768 since that is the limit of VGA. You need a DVI to HDMI cable to reach 1920*1080
  4. Hmm that can't be entirely true, I have a VGA connection to my Vizio TV that is 1080p.

    As I was saying iceman1992, some TVs work great as monitors (I've had very good luck with Vizios), some don't work that well.

    Now the connection of your particular VGA input on that TV may be 1366x768 limited (not sure that's correct or not), but that doesn't hold true for all of them
  5. When it comes to this it is all about having the right tv and connection type. Live and learn that is the way things are in this world.
  6. On the product specs, for the 1080p Source input it says "RGB 60p (WXGA)", so yeah probably it is limited to 1360 x 768 for RGB inputs. Too bad though. Alright thanks guys :)
  7. Yes, WXGA would have it limited to a lower resolution then 1920x1080, sorry for your luck bud.
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