Skyrim 6870 Driver issue

So I updated my drivers for my 6870 and not I get Skyrim has stop working please wait while windows finds an solution.
It was working fine till I update my drivers I tried a clean install no help I downgraded my drivers to 12.1 no help. Any Ideas?
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  1. Try a driverroll back through Windows Computer Management. Though since you installed more drivers versions not sure that will work.

    Try to do a system restore to a couple days before you installed the drivers (only if this isn't a hassle for you).

    Finally if that doesn't work go ahead and use Driver Sweeper to uninstall all the display drivers in safemode. Then reinstall the drivers you were using before after you reboot.
  2. Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling?
  3. I have tried both it still wont work
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    Even the system restore won't help?
    You can try deleting all the drivers and uninstalling Skyrim and all the personal files that go with it and then shutting down and unplug the computer, remove the video card and then the cmos battery then press the power button for a few seconds. Then put everything back and reinstall the card using the cards install cd and then install Skyrin.
    I know it sounds like a lot of work for you but there is something or some file that has been corrupted. If this doesn't work then your only option might be to reinstall Windows unless someone else has a silver bullet for you.
  5. i reinstalled windows after doing all thanks and it worked thanks
  6. Skyrim can crash for a variety of reasons, although it has been stable for me. Check your sound card settings and make sure it's set to 48/24 under "Advanced" just in case.
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