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Hello all,

I just put together a new-to-me build with a Celeron dual core E3400 (2.6Ghz, 1Mb L2), 3GB of DDR2, an Intel d946gzis motherboard ( http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/d946gzis ) and a Radeon HD 5570. It's running on Windows XP- the windows 7 install disk caused a blue screen every time, which is very weird. Everything is working fine, except the CPU won't clock above 1.2Ghz. Even when I'm running prime95, it still sits right a 1.2Ghz... It also performs at about half of what it's supposed to in benchmarks, so I know it's not just CPU-z screwing up. The temps are fine (for a stock heatsink), running 35 degrees at idle and 45 degrees during stress tests. The BIOS is very limited (It's updated to the newest firmware), so I can't really change any settings in there, at least related to the CPU. Does anyone have any idea why the CPU isn't running at full clock speed, even when under load? Is there a good windows overclocking tool so I can overclock my CPU back to normal speed?

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  1. Well, I think I figured it out... this mobo is not *supposed* to run 45 nm CPU's. Facepalm on my part. I'm going to try messing around with SetFSB and windows power settings, but I'm not too sure that it will work.
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