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So I bought an Acer laptop to have a portable game station and have been thinking about upgrading it. I have built my own desktop computers but have thought it would be fun to mess with a laptop.Here is the laptop I purchased.

First off, I would like to know how difficult it is to disassemble/reassemble a laptop, right now this is one of the main reasons I haven't dived right into this.
Second, I want to get more and faster RAM and but I'm having difficulty finding out what the fastest speed supported by my mobo.
Third, I want to upgrade the processor. The one in it is an AMD APU but I'm unsure if the desktop and laptop versions are interchangeable (I'm guessing not), and if i can get a better fan to install for the cpu heatsink( I will be getting a cooling mat in the near future) . Any help or direction on where i can get info would be appreciated.
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  1. I don't think you should try to. The laptop seems pretty decent, as it has an a8 at a relatively low price. Also, I wouldn't try to ever dissemble a laptop, as it is pretty hard, and sometimes, the parts might not even be compatible.
  2. Use speccy or your BIOS to see the speed of the ram, then buy the laptop version of it. As for the processor, those are soldered onto the motherboard so you cant change them. Heat sinks are very rare and hard to find for any laptop so that rules that out. The most you could do for the heatsink is clean it and use a better thermal compound (arctic silver 5 or noctuas thermal compound, etc) to get better performance when it comes to noise and heat.
  3. Desktop and laptop CPU/APU have different socket so it is not possible to replace a laptop CPU/APU with a desktop version. In the past there have been several laptops with desktop CPUs in them, but not anymore.
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