Getting a new CPU.

So when i built my system i made the mistake of getting a i5-2500 and not a i5-2500k. How much could i get for my i5-2500 and where should i sell it. I want to get enough to supplement some of the cost of a i5-2500k or a i7-2600k. is it worth it or should i just stick it out with the 2500. Thanks for all your help
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  1. If I were you, I would just stick with the 2500. No where in your question did you put you were going to over clock, so there is no point. Wait for the next gen of processors, then buy a new one.
  2. Well, the only upside to the 2500k is the ability to possibly overclock the processor, I say possibly as it is not guaranteed that the 2500k will be stable past the stock speeds

    Though what are you doing that needs more cpu power than the 2500 you have?
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