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Problem with Core i7 Q720m in Asus G73 laptop not properly utilizing turbo boost and abysmal CPU performance across the board. I looked up how to be able to manage turbo boost and the cpu multiplier using throttlestop, but even with the options enabled to improve performance and turbo-boosting I was unable to get the multiplier off of 7x. The Cpu is only running at 1Ghz even at heavy load. Is this a problem with windows power options? is there software that manages this that I can download from asus support? I found it interesting that it is performing less than my old core i5 CPU in the windows performance index. I am only getting a 4.9 for a Quad i7, when even comparable AMD machines with lower frequency and IPC can get a better score than that. Somebody please help with this issue.
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  1. Throttling is a common problem in these laptops. Have you read the included ThrottleStop documentation so that you have your Windows Power Options set up correctly?

    You will need to either disable BD PROCHOT in ThrottleStop or select one of the clock modulation options and set that to 100%. Post a screen shot of ThrottleStop so I can see how you have it setup.

    ThrottleStop 5.00

    Once Windows and ThrottleStop are set up, run a simple 1 thread of the TS Bench test and take a screen shot of ThrottleStop while that is running.

    In the bios, make sure SpeedStep (EIST) is enabled and make sure the C3 and C6 sleep states are also available. Post a screen shot of the C States window in ThrottleStop while your CPU is idle if you are not sure.
  2. Thank you! Every thing is working perfectly now. I greatly appreciate your help. I did read the documentation for throttle stop, although for an older version 3.00, I might have missed the point about BD PROCHOT. The multiplier is pretty much at 13x now at all times with it boosting higher depending on workloads. Temperatures are still nominal at around 55*C. No hicks or glitches during system operation and benchmarking. Some of the results of the change

    TS benchmark:
    1 Thread: 260 -> 140
    2 Thread: 150 -> 78
    4 Thread: 80 -> 45
    8 Thread: 50 -> 37

    Massive gains across the board. Thank you sir.
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