CPU Fan spins up really loud, no post

We've been having an issue with a PC, every time we power on the computer the CPU fan seems to be spinning at max rpm causing it to be really loud.

I've been searching and people are saying problems like this are caused by the Motherboard, and if something has failed, I really hope it was the motherboard(because they're cheap to replace :p)

Anyone know what else can be causing this?
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  1. have you tried plugging the fan into the other cpu fan connector?

    In some motherboards it has another spot to plug in the cpu fan connector and it says OPT CPU or something along those words.

    Also, this happens with my computer, I have an H80 Liquid cooling on low settings,but when I turn on the pc its super loud until after the POST and windows starts loading then the fans are quiet.
  2. Don't think there's another CPU fan header on the motherboard. Anything else I can try?
  3. Hard reset the CMOS, still nothing.

    New motherboard?
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