Celeron G530 worth upgrading from Pentium E6500?

I know that just hearing the word Celeron commands shudders among all of you, but I have a legitimate question here. I personally run a 2500k in my main rig, so this Celeron will most definitely will not be the best thing in the world. My secondary computer is running an Intel Pentium Dual Core E6500, so it's on the G31 chipset for LGA775. It's also running 3 GB of RAM. My local Fry's Electronics is running a sale on an MSI H61 motherboard paired with a G530 ( I'll also add about 4-8 GB of RAM. Would the upgrade be worth it? I know that as you go down to the lower end, value begins to drop, but would this combo be good for “mainstream” use (ie Windows 8 general use, web browsing, word processing, 720p streaming) and some gaming, basically Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and Planetside 2 at 1440x900 paired with a GTX 460 SE.

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    Worth upgrading? No. Worth having? Yes.

    It can do all you mentioned except for gaming and streaming at the same time. It also opens up an upgrade path, although the 1155 socket is nearing EOL.

    Edit: It performs similarly to an E8400, although much more efficiently.
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  3. It might be nice to get on newer architecture, but I am betting you will barely notice the difference in 9/10 apps.
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