Really no 4.4 ghz for me with 212 evo ?

Read other people's story and is it true my 3570k won't be able to handle temps at 4.4ghz ? :sarcastic: You all were convincing about 212 evo being a great cooler ,I'm waiting for the cooler to come in a few days so we'll see.
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  1. It'll depend on voltage. If you can get to 4.4 with little or no added voltage, you should be good, but if your 3570K needs a decent voltage bump for 4.4, you'll have a hard time.

    That's one of the main problems with Ivy. It's fine, as long as you don't add voltage. When you add voltage, it gets stupid hot very quickly.
  2. Each chip is a bit different. You may get lucky, or not.
    If your case has decent cooling, 4.4 is definitely a possibility.
    My take is to accept what you can get without upping the voltage and be happy.
    Even at stock, the 3570K is a very fast chip.
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