PC Locking Up, Booting Issues

I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I have a component related question/isssue. A week ago my Pc would randomly lock up when watching flash videos and playing games and it would randomly lose connection to the sound card. When I reboot it, half the time it won't recognize my GPU until I reseat it. The same thing happened when I tried plugging in a different GPU.

I figured that this might either issue with my power supply or mobo. I have a warranty on both, which should replace/get fixed?
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  1. is the correct driver installed for the gpu? is it overclocked?
  2. It's factory overclocked, the drivers are up to date.
    Temperatures don't exceed 100F unless under load.
  3. I think I found the solution. It seemed to be a bug with my graphics drivers. I rolled back to a previous version and it hasn't froze since.
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