Radeon 3870 keep crashing


I know that this card is pretty old and I was looking for a new one but I still want to find the problem.

My GC keep crashing while starting a game but I got no problems with playing a video.

Ex: I start a game (skyrim, diablo3..), after maximum 1 min my screen freeze with graphic bugs (sound is still ok). After few seconds like that, either I got a BSOD (atikmag.sys) or the game goes back to normal but the cycle of freezes will go on in few time.

I ran a GPU test with OCCT (that crashed after 30 seconds) and I found out that my GPU temp is going from 44 to 70 Celcius with a FPS of 63. in less than 20 seconds. I'm not sure if that is normal operating temperature.

I also got variation in my 12V. Going from 13V to 12.6 and balancing between those values before the crash. It might be my power supply that is a cheap 500W.

My drivers are up to date and my graphic was working fine few days ago (I had some graphic bugs two or three times few months ago).

So If someone want to solve this problem with me, thanks!
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  1. if you got the latest 12.3 the lok at your psu voltage that goes from 13 to 12.6 i would suspect the psu is the one for those crash try to test with another psu if you can but be ready to buy a new one
  2. Ok, I will check if my psu work fine but I was thinking about buying a new one, do someone have any suggestion? (Core2Duo/Rad HD3800 but want to change for a Rad HD 6850 and core i7)
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    then you will need at least a 650 watts psu
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