I want watercooling for this coolermaster elite 342

My case is a coolermaster elite 342, and i want to use the Corsair H60 Watercooler. The rear of the case allows only a 90mm fan, but the front of the case allows a 120mm fan, i'd happily put the watercooler if i bought it at the front, but i don't know if the water tubing will stretch that far. I'm not buying a new case.What are other people's perspectives on this? I'd really like watercooling and i don't want to upgrade to another air cooler, even if it's better than the h60, i like the h60 because it will really be alot easier to install and save alot more space. I'm using a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 CPU cooler currently. Don't ask me what i want watercooling for, i will just say i need it for a cpu upgrade.

The case picture:

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  1. are the water pumping tubes of the h60 relatively stretchable?
  2. The only way i would assume it's possible is if you modded the case
  3. I just read that the liquid tubes are 11 inches long for the H60, and i measured 11 inches from the front of my computer case to my processor and saw that there is plenty of space for the cooler at the front to reach the processor. This is excellent. The only thing MATX isn't good at is SLI/Crossfire, in my opinion.

    I think modding the case would a be a stupid idea, not everybody has a multi purpose metal cutting saw, or a clue idea about the design plans of what they want to achieve.

    So the H60 blows air in from outside of the case towards the cpu? But this in turn blows hot air from the cpu into the case and towards the graphics card? Can i actually install it the other way so that the fan is blowing at the radiator, blowing out of the case?
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