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Hello, I'm having problems on Oblivion. The Game will reach fps of up to 100 indoors, but outside the game has 15 fps. Im not sure what the problem is. i lowered the resolution and settings, but it still doesn't work. Here's my specs (It sucks, but I got the computer for free.)
Intel Pentium D 3.4Ghz
4gbs DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series.
Please help, oh another thing, I'm planning on buying a new PC. My budget is $800. What websites and brand do you recommend. I'm not planning on playing the latest games on max at 1080p. Just a nice computer until i decide if I want to buy the next Xbox.
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  1. I had a post but effing oprea made me go to another page when all I did was right click, it does that often. and kills my posts when it does that and doesn't autosave
    And allI did was right click ONCE but ThestupidthingdecidestogoPRESSALINKwhenIwasn'tevenNEARanydarnlink,stupidfastforwardfuction!

    Sorry not gonna help you to pissed off at my dumb ass browser that has uneeded options for it's stupid mouse controll. I guess my cpu is too dumb and laggy to use it properly (whine whine whine)


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TLDR /start

    Basically, you are asking for help in building a $800 gaming rig? Upgrading will definitely solve your Oblivion problems.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TLDR /end

    I suggest turning down shadows and render object distance. Oblivion is known for FAR better "indoor" fps over outdoor fps. This also could be a issue already answered at the Oblivion Nexus forums. (just google Oblivion nexus)
    It's better to ask game specific questions at websites specifically for that game I think. There is a command you can use if you press ~ key. I think it is LBT otherwise light bright, if that isn't the command look up a list for commands via the ~ key. A light bright one should be there.

    It significantly lowers graphics and cpu required for outdoor and indoor playing.

    And within this forum it probably would have been better to create different topics one for a 'system' build with an $800 budget, to play Oblivion with. And one for trying to play Oblivion on your current computer (games section).
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