DHCP Assigning bad address. Getting unidentified Network!

Hey guys,

I just got a brand new laptop and I can't get it to connect to LAN.

It's plugged in to the same hub as my main machine and I can't even access my router UI.

It's not the cable because I tried plugging in my main machine's cable to the new laptop and the same thing happens.

ipconfig reveals an Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address of:

But that number should say

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ethernet driver as well.

I've tried resetting the router and modem.

I've tried resetting TCP/IP.

Any help would be appreciated..
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  1. bump. Any ideas would be helpful...

    I've tethered my cell phone and that works, but still no ethernet...
  2. Check adapter settings and ensure DHCP is enabled.

    maybe post output of an ipconfig/all to here.

  3. Quote:
    It's plugged in to the same hub as my main machine and I can't even access my router UI.

    Is this an actual hub or do you mean router? If it's a true hub and it's then connected to the modem, your modem will only hand out ONE IP address.

    Try this, unplug your other computer and only have the new computer plugged in. Unplug the power from the modem, wait 5 seconds then plug the power back in. When the router has completed booting, turn on your laptop. You can also do this without the hub and just connect the laptop directly to the modem. Just note that when ever you change the network you need to power reset the modem.
  4. It's an actual hub.

    It's Modem > Router > Hub > (Computers)

    I know the hub is not at fault because I've tried connecting the laptop directly to the router, which still doesn't work.

    Also notable that I've had my PS3 and Desktop PC connected to the hub and working at the same time.
  5. Bump.

    I've tried refreshing ipv4, ip6 and winsock.

    I've tried disabling windows firewall and uninstalling AVG.
  6. Try disabling IPv6 on the laptop. I have seen that cause problems before.

    You could also try setting a static IP to see if that works.
  7. I have tried both. No good.

    The machine has worked on two other routers, as well as connected directly to my modem.

    The problem is the router.
  8. As a last resort try doing a factory reset on your router to see if that works. Just make sure you record any special config changes you have made before doing so.

    Before doing the reset, check to make sure the dhcp scope has enough addresses available to hand out, unlikely, but might as well check.
  9. It has 200 available addresses.

    I already tried a factory reset. No good.
  10. Can you hard set the IP address and get a connection? I can't think of anything that would prevent it from getting an IP address, especially after a factory reset.
  11. No, I can't get a static ip address either.
  12. The problem has been resolved with the help of an Airlink rep who (finally) answered me.

    There was an unlisted firmware directory that he linked me to that found the newer version.

    If anyone comes here with an Airlink ethernet problem, tell them to check this out:


    It's unlisted from anywhere within the Airlink site so you need to know your model number and find the newest firmware.

    Thanks for all the help,
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