Cooler doesn't quite fit...

I have just bought myself a P9X79 Deluxe motherboard, i7-3820 and an Arctic i30 Freezer cooler.
Trouble is, the cooler comes with 4 metal standoffs that are supposed to fit around the screw holes on each corner of the CPU socket. The reason I'm here is because they don't! The inner diameter of the standoffs is about 5.25mm while the screw holes outer diameter is 5.5mm. I don't want to force these things on of course. What's best to do? I'm thinking to send the cooler back and get another cooler that does fit. Anybody know either a solution to this problem or which cooler to go for?

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  1. Did you use the 2011 mounting brackets?
  2. The cooler comes with a 2011 mounting bracket, but this goes on after the metal standoffs are fitted. They simply don't fit the motherboard :(
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