Graphics Card memory problem

Okay, so I want to get MW3 on my computer. I scanned it through, and it came back negative. (I think that link will take you to my own scan of it.)

It says that my graphics card has only 64 mb, but I know it has more.

I heard something about sharing memory with the motherboard, or something like that. I'm fairly positive my graphics card should have more memory. What do I do?
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  1. What graphics card do you have? If you are unaware download this utility and tell us.
  2. I have The Intel HD Graphics Family.
  3. MW3 might run on an HD 3000 on low settings with a fairly low resolution. We're going to need to know what exact version of Intel HD Graphics you have. Anything before Sandy Bridge and there's no chance.
  4. It just says the Intel HD Graphic's family. I'm not sure how else to identify it. I know the release date was Jan 5, 2011, if that helps. And The GPU is GT2.
  5. Ah, GT2 is Intel HD 3000 graphics so you might have a chance here. Assuming you're running 64-bit Windows 7, here's the driver you need.

    Download and install that and see if it changes anything.
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